No knowledge without college


Colleges are referred to as upgraded institutions providing higher education to aspirants. It may also be termed as the successor of Secondary/Senior schools. Whenever any fellow joins the college, then the first 15 days or a month are like a stranger to him/her. Gradually the person makes friends and he/she gets the company. With the company of new ones, some choose the path of having addicted to drugs/smoking/drinking etc… while some fell in the company of bookworms. The life of college is perhaps one of the most memorable events of anybody’s life. Here one witness that incidents of which we had never dreamt of.

If unfortunately, you have missed your college life, then here’s what you have missed or you must have regrets of it.

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  1. Enormous mixed talents

As I stated earlier, college is the bigger picture after school life. Here we get a chance to meet some unknown yet tremendous talents.

  1. Renowned Faculties @ single location

Colleges are the hub of the mixed specialist in terms of different streams. It must be the desire to learn and rest all the resources are here.

  1. College Life shows some unknown aspects of life

It is the gift of college” This is the general taunt one hears from anybody.  Most people tend to blame college if some unusual happens and none sees the company of the fellow. The friend circle is generally responsible for the bad actions of any child.

  1. Bunk your classes

The joy of bunk is strange. For most of the students, it is not an easy task, but some manage it very beautifully. Usually, the desire comes when one is reluctant to attend the class/lecture in which he/she is not good or assignments aren’t completed.

  1. Love Triangle

In fact, everyone has a crush. There are many who even dream of having a girlfriend in college life. It is the biggest distraction for studies but not all of us accept this fact and enjoys the love life.

If you wanna really know about college, then you must attend one or try to figure a buddy who might have attended and can tell you about his/her experience.

Someone has quoted ironically as “Enjoy the life in college, not the books.

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